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Located right in the heart of the city of Mumbai along the main artery of travel, Dr. Ambedkar Road, lies Our Lady’s Home. Sandwiched between the maze of mills on the west and a host of hospitals on the east---within walking distance of both, the Western and Central Railway, is Our Lady’s Home, for the past 51 years, that cares for the orphaned, poor and destitute boys of all castes and creeds. When the bricks of the Home were first put together in 1960, the need of the hour was to care for the abandoned, the unwanted boy. In 1968 the Home was rebuilt to provide shelter and care for many more lads, who although were very much wanted by their parents, had to find their way to our door as the unfortunate result of rapid industrialization of the city of Mumbai. What began in a shaky abandoned wooden structure is now a solid two storeyed building thrice the size of the former Home. The Home has so far ‘fathered’ 1804 lads and is the ‘grandfather’ to a few more as many of our lads who have passed out are now married. Those naughty, untidy, little lads are today by and large independent and responsible young men, holding good posts in well known companies and Government offices.

We are indeed grateful to all those who during the past 50 years have………..
…………helped to keep the fires burning,
…………spent themselves in the service of our lads,
…………helped to make this Institution – a HOME.



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